Exterior stairs renovation

A quick, but impactful transformation of the exterior stairs. One of the first impressions when someone comes over is the exterior of your home. We made sure to make it look welcoming and cheerful!

Humidity decrease and isolation

Humidity is a big issue in Denmark. This is why our client called us to come in and isolate the exterior wall. This way, the humidity was reduced considerably, and the desired temperature in the room was achieved much faster!

Humidity damage

Speaking of humidity…take a look at this basement transformation! The wall was so humid, that the plastering was falling. It took a while to dry it, but in the end, our client was very happy with the final results. The air is significantly better and the mold is gone!

New window sill

No project is too small for us! With careful measurements and attention to detail, we made a quick, but impactful transformation in the home! Our client now has sturdy window sills for their plants and decoration!

Kitchen backsplash

One of our specialty! Tile application! This project is very close to our hearts. It requires proper planning, attention to detail, and imagination! The transformation is truly amazing and our client was extremely happy with the result!

Back yard pavement

Who doesn’t love a clean path to the house and a nice terrace area? We love to see a nice-looking yard, just as much as we love creating one!

Gate arch creation

Our client wanted to add an arch at the gate. We built the mold, laid the bricks, and plastered it. This is not the easiest of projects, but we definitely enjoyed the process. We followed up with painting, so in the end, it looked as if it had been there since the beginning.

Foundation check and pavement

It’s always good to check your foundation for cracks…especially in rainy Denmark. We also built a socle to improve the aspect and to offer an extra layer of protection for the foundation. We followed up with the pavement and created a nice path around the house.

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